Boro Jeans

It’s just over two years since I began mending my one pair of jeans. The first two patches were over the kneecaps: on the left knee is a piece of my godson’s traditional Norwegian naming day shirt and on the right a bit of tweed from his sisters’ coat. I am very hard on the knees of all my clothes; I always have been as I love getting close to the tiniest details of nature and, for me, that has always meant getting down on my knees.

Third layer going in on the left knee, but the of-cut from my godson’s shirt is still strong.

Inside my jeans is a crazy jigsaw of overlapping patches, made from another pair of old worn out jeans that didn’t fit me any more. In a few places the old seams still show up with their yellow stitches.

Not much of the original fabric is visible from the inside any more.

 I love the visual texture of the boro stitching, particularly on the inside. As an experiment I decided to put one patch on the outside and do the darning from the inside so that the wonderful texture shows. Not a great choice of placement though – right in the middle of my backside!

Back pockets – nearly gone.

 I have a habit of ramming my hands into my back pockets when I’m thinking. If I want to continue having that comforting thinking aid I will need to do some creative mending here… But visually I’m enjoying the disintegration of the fabric unimpeded by mending.

Interesting contrast between new patch and disintegrating original fabric.

The rhythm of stitch blends well with the rhythm of thought: I sit in my studio and muse on next steps for the evolution of my practice and catch both thought and patch into place with neat tight stitches.


Just have to remember not to stitch while thinking or talking about things that make me angry: Blood is always the result! My own I hasten to add…

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