Building Shelter

 Degree show set up with my wonderful mum as a second pair of hands

Sampling Fleece

top to bottom: 1, 2, 3.  Felting trials to see which fleece felts best and the different qualities: texture, colour, density, and ease of felting. Fleece 1 felt wonderful when it was un-felted but was very hard to felt well. Fleece 2 was quite wiry and was nearly as hard to felt as #1. Fleece…

Fleece Heaven!

Second trip to get fleece from the Aladdin’s Cave of the Wool Grower’s depot. See what I mean about the wonderful huge bins full of fibre? So much wool, so many shades and tones of colour = so hard to choose! I wanted to take it ALL home but returned with a sensible number for…

Moorit Fleece

Teasing and Carding Moorit: a lovely warm brown with sun-bleached tips that occurs naturally in some sheep breads. This is my chosen colour to work with for felting a shelter cover. I am buying my fleeces from the Evanton depot of the Scottish Wool Growers: first visit was really exciting, all those huge trolleys full…

Gathering Wood

 Lovely long rods for building a Bender… Watch this space!

New Highland Contemporaries 2

My loom and film installation is on view in the New Highland Contemporaries 2 exhibition in Nairn this week!  For details of times and dates please see here

Boro paper!

Boro – with a difference I first saw this idea on pinterest (while hunting for images of fabric boro) in a fascinating picture of Japanese pawn shop wrapping paper made by pasting together old ledger pages. For images of the real deal please follow this link to Sri Threads. I tucked the image away in…