New Highland Contemporaries 2

My loom and film installation is on view in the New Highland Contemporaries 2 exhibition in Nairn this week!  For details of times and dates please see here

Good bye third year

Time to pack up and go home I took down, packed up and emptied out everything from my college studio today and took it all home into my wee house. I will miss the lovely space I’ve had this year. A Red Thread of Words  Here’s a wee glimpse of how my studio looked all…

The marks of wear

Just noticed these tender tracings left behind; darker blue lines left behind where the sheltering red thread has worn out.

One Week Left

Just one week left before all my work has to be spick and span ready for marking for the end of year three. I’ve spent most of this week sorting out and tidying up, cleaning the space and making final decisions about positions of everything in relation to everything else and sorting out technical problems…

Spun Silk Warp

Stitching the silk warp Silk warp waterfall Today I finished warping up my hand-spun silk projector screen and stabilising the top with a red thread stitched through. The flow of the silk laid over the table caught my eye. It reminds me of currents in a river. Silk flow 1 Silk flow 2

Boro Evolution

Left leg, 9th October 2013 I was looking through my photos today, and I was struck by how much my jeans have changed. In the first picture here the front of the left leg is almost intact although you can see where I have reinforced the fragile original material with the first layers of patch…

Exploring Twist in Wild Fibre

Fine Roots  Wandering by the Findhorn River on a rare and precious half hour off of essay writing. I can never leave my creative practice behind though. Every where I look I see things I could spin, things that will give my fibre colour, things that make links in my thoughts with my studio practice….

Boro Jeans

It’s just over two years since I began mending my one pair of jeans. The first two patches were over the kneecaps: on the left knee is a piece of my godson’s traditional Norwegian naming day shirt and on the right a bit of tweed from his sisters’ coat. I am very hard on the…