Studio Practice

I am settling into “Studio Practice” at Moray School of Art; it’s starting to feel like I’m heading in an interesting direction through my explorations with printmaking, and just generally finding my feet in this second year. My studio space is constantly evolving and changing, and my tutor suggested that I keep a record by taking photos each time I take stuff down, put stuff up or just shuffle things around as I make new connections. This is the first photo of my evolving visual thought process, complete with pictures and quotes from artists who inspire me, and a whole mix of mono-printing, eco-printing, transfer printing and notes/mind maps. Bit of a jungle really, but sense of purpose is emerging gradually!

Looking at this photo, I notice that I haven’t taken down the bright orange number two that told me which was my space in the room! Must get rid of it and put my name up instead.

As for the “Make do and Mend” mission – my jeans are still holding up!

The next part needing darning and reinforcing is the backside…. As you can see, it was getting a wee bit thin here and there!

Time to step away from the laptop and pick up the needle again…

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