Felting Tips – using white

I thought perhaps some folks might be interested in tips from Mum and I about how to make felt. So here is the first “Felting Tip” from Diva Designs. Photos from me, hands in action from Christine – Mum!

We always use white merino as a background to our felt pictures for two reasons:

First, it makes the more expensive colours go further.

Second, it softens all the colours slightly and makes for a subtler overall effect.

hold the wool tops gently in one hand and pull off small tufts with the other hand

lay the tufts side by side in a row

add rows of tufts, overlapping by about a third, till you reach the size you want

lay a second layer of rows of tufts at right angles to the first layer

Once you have two layers of white laying at right-angles to each other you are ready to play with colour!

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