Building Shelter

 Degree show set up with my wonderful mum as a second pair of hands

Sampling Fleece

top to bottom: 1, 2, 3.  Felting trials to see which fleece felts best and the different qualities: texture, colour, density, and ease of felting. Fleece 1 felt wonderful when it was un-felted but was very hard to felt well. Fleece 2 was quite wiry and was nearly as hard to felt as #1. Fleece…

Fleece Heaven!

Second trip to get fleece from the Aladdin’s Cave of the Wool Grower’s depot. See what I mean about the wonderful huge bins full of fibre? So much wool, so many shades and tones of colour = so hard to choose! I wanted to take it ALL home but returned with a sensible number for…

Felting Landscapes

I find myself really excited by the prospect of a trip to Orkney this coming weekend! The last summer I went on a road trip to the Isle of Lewis it resulted in this felt  piece, depicting Callanish III. I love old places where the length of time that humanity has been here in Scotland…

Rethinking and reinventing

It’s been a long time since I last blogged, somehow more than a year has slipped past! I am having a rethink about what I do, my business name and way of working, how it’s been affected now I’m studying full time and what changes I may or may not want to make. I have…

The Wings of Imagination

‘Give me wings that I might fly’ Caught on a sunbeam My wings in their final position over my bed After hours and hours of work my wings are finally finished. This photo shoot was done at a local beach where there are some magic caves and cliffs.

Work in progress

Free machining on silk Dye vat with birch bark Dyed fabrics with free machined feathers. Still more work to do….