It’s not just my jeans that are a little thread-bare after nearly two years of no chucking out and getting new. This morning as I selected colours I felt like wearing I noticed neck-lines and hem-lines in need of some rescue work.

A job for the summer holidays I think.

There is something unutterably tender and touching about the patterns of wear emerging on my long-suffering clothes. It puts me in mind of Shakespeare’s words (in Hamlet I think it was) about ‘sleep, that knits up the ravelled sleeve of care.’ As sleep can a repair a frazzled mind, so darning can repair a ragged hem.

After a long term of intense (though fascinating and joyful) study it feels like time to do some patching and darning, resting and dreaming.

One more week of extra intense effort to get everything just as I want it (to the best of may ability) in my studio, sketchbooks, and written work, and then I can settle down to knitting up the unravelled sleeves and hems of self and clothes.

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