Walnut ink

Two layer screen print using two mixes of home made walnut ink.

Walnut ink screen print on darned vintage sheet

After many failed and splodgy attempts at making and printing with walnut ink, I have finally worked out how to get ink that is thick enough to squeegee through a silk screen. It goes nicely onto fabric as well as paper, and my fragile scraps take it nicely.

This piece of cotton sheet came from my Nana’s cleaning cloth bag. When you unfold it you can see where she got every bit of use she could from it. It started out as a sheet, was worn out in the middle, then turned “sides to middle”, then reincarnated as an ironing board cover, and finally, after being worn out in this spot by the iron being stood on it, it has been relegated to the cleaning cloths bag. Talk about “make do and mend”!
And now I am playing with it, adding boro style darning, printing on it with walnut ink, stitching into it more. Who knows what it may yet become?

Part of the section of my jeans that inspired the screen print.

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