Introducing Ebony and my scattered life

Ebony sleeping.

Ebony is blind, has been since he was hit by a car as a wild and adventurous teen. However, this doesn’t seem to stop him from having a fantastic life. When not curled up blissfully in a prime spot, he is out hunting and keeps my garden clear of rabbits and makes a big dent in the mice population.
Now why is a cat an important part of living a creative life? He keeps me grounded, sometimes going as far as to hook a claw in the back of my leg to bring me back to earth! He makes me laugh and reminds me of the importance of enjoying the little things in life like a spot by the fire, cuddles and play time.

Just now I really need his reminders as I have far too many things on the go at once. I am working flat out at the studio, trying to keep up with all the things that need making, to keep our little shop and gallery full – and at the same time I have my head full to the brim with my second year City and Guild’s Craft and Design projects. Then there is the house and my large garden, time to spend with my lovely family and time needed for solitude to refresh the creative well. Yes, I am needing reminders to keep my head in the now and my feet on the ground.

Exploring Runes.

This is a page from my sketchbook for my next art piece. I am making a box that is inspired by collector’s cases and apothecary’s boxes. It belongs to a different kind of collector and doctor – one who collects silent songs and wordless stories. I will write more about “The Aphonomantes’ Box” next time as it’s now time to go and buy hens for my little sister’s 18th birthday present!

This first post is short, I have no idea what my style will develop into or what I shall write about. Things will become clear no doubt! I just hope some of you will read and enjoy.

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