Artist’s Statement

‘It’s all story, there’s nothing but story’*

Whilst underlying all I do is a bone-deep commitment to sustainability, accountability and ecologically ethical relations to both cloth and the fabric of life, on the surface I work from a place of experimental material-led process, a deep fascination with the concept of haptic tactility and the sheer exciting joyfulness of following the wild winding threads of my imagination, sense of story and creativity.

I am currently exploring my sense of the almost intangible interweaving of ancient textile techniques, text/story, tactility, handwork and healing, and how these can all be linked through the interlacing connections of the mind into a coherent fabric of embodied story: this is the fabric I am hunting for in the movement of my spinning wheel, the structure of my loom, the touch of my hand-spun yarns.

*Quote from Mehl-Madrona, L. (2010: 2) Healing the Mind through the Power of Story. Vermont: Bear & Company.